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Astronomical community of Amateurs and professionals. We are implementing projects aimed at promoting astronomy. We cooperate with international communities. We participate in state programs.

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International project

We participate in international projects, cooperate with major universities.


We help in organizing and conducting lectures.


We carry out activities aimed at promoting astronomy.


Projects in which our team is involved.


A series of free popular science lectures on astronomy, astrophysics and cosmonautics designed for a wide range of students. Our lecturers are employees of the planetarium, scientific institutes and popularizers of astronomy. In our lectures you will learn about the most relevant and interesting in the world of science today.

The astronomical festivals /

Country open-air festivals for lovers of astronomy and cosmonautics. Observations in telescopes, seminars, master classes, competitions, communication and exchange of experience with colleagues. A real holiday for lovers of the starry sky!

Visits to the observation under the dark sky /

Departures for 1-2 nights for observation under the real black sky 150 km from Moscow. On such trips you can admire the most beautiful and inaccessible objects of our Universe through large telescopes. Accommodation in tents.

Astronomical associations /

Associations of both individual astronomy enthusiasts and astronomical communities for the implementation of large-scale projects, assistance in the organization of club events, exchange of experience.

Astronomy for Kids /

The project is designed to familiarize children with astronomy, involving them in the study of the world in game forms.

/ Sidewalk astronomy

Urban free observations in the telescopes for everyone. The campaign was founded by John Dobson in the United States. Everyone can look through the telescope at the celestial objects available in the city: the Sun, Moon, planets, double stars. For this purpose telescopes are installed in crowded places of the city.

/ Photometry the brightness of the sky

An international project to study changes in the brightness of the night sky and protection against increasing artificial urban illumination. To measure the brightness of the sky used stationary photometers TESS-W. the Project is carried out in conjunction with the initiative group Stars4all (Spain).

/ Astronomical expeditions

Expeditions to observe solar, lunar eclipses, polar lights and other interesting astronomical phenomena, trips to the Observatory and cosmodromes.

/ Crowdfunding campaigns

Campaigns to help public organizations, scientific institutions, observatories.

/ Dark Sky

Project to help Amateur astronomers to find places with the most favorable conditions for observation.


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